Backlink buy – Read this before you Buy Backlink

Backlink buy is the obvious question which each one us have to consider if we have to rank our site faster in search engines. But selecting the best and quality backlinking service provider is very crucial when it comes to backlink buy. If you select wrong backlink service provider it will adversely affect to your site. I have seen many sites which are penalized by the Google for their bad backlinking strategies. So it is very important to know from where you are buying  your backlinks.

When it comes to backlinking you have two options -

1) Free Backlinks

2) Backlink buy


You can get the Free backlinks by doing the Guest Blogging, Commenting, Forum posting, Social Bookmarking. All the ways of getting the free Backlinks are time consuming and it takes lots of efforts from your side. Finding opportunities for Guest Blogging and commenting is big problem. Most of the Blogs will not show your backlink. Forum posting will take time, before you put your link on forums you have to establish yourself and build a trust in forum. All these are very cumbersome. I know many people who start with the free methods but after few months they realized that it is very slow and difficult to get the free backlinks, and they are forced to backlink buy.

When it comes to Backlink buy, we have very few options available to us. Most of the backlink buy services have no use and they are bad for SEO and Ranking. You would have come across advertisement like buy 1000 backlinks for 20$ and Get 1000 Backlinks in one day.

Please understand that you are not suppose to build 1000 backlinks in a single day, if you do so you site will get noticed by the search engines and your sites get blacklisted by the search engines. Search engines want you to grow backlinks gradually and naturally. You can not build 1000′s of backlinks in a single day, it is practically impossible. It is advised to you deep fried you backlinks i.e. build your backlinks over a period of time. For example if you want to build a 100 backlinks for your site, you should do it in 7-10 days. You should not make more than 10 to 15 backlinks in a day.

Social monkee and Social adr are some of the good backlink provider. So whenever you plan to buy backlink you should think of these two names. They know importance and adverse impact of backlinking. Their backlinking stratigies are designed in a way that it should not harm to your site. I use social monkee and social adr and so far i have very good experience with them. There are many options available for you for backlink buy but you should take your time to find the best one for you.

So you should take your decision of backlink buy very carefully, you need to search and find  the genuineness of the backlinking service provider before you buy backlink.

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